specializes in creating your fully customized kits. What is a kit? A kit is simply an assembly of products or components combined together in a single package. What kind of kits do we make? Any kind of kit you can imagine. The sky's the limit. With our custom kit builder, you can literally shop the internet for kit items. Include a battery holder from, a pack of shoelaces from and a box of gloves from Most anything you can find from a domestic supplier can be included. You do the shopping and we take care of the purchasing, warehousing and distribution.

How are we different? We let our customers develop their own unique kits based upon their specific needs and we don't limit what kind of items they can include or from what supplier. Need to send a swag bag for a special event or occasion? We've got you covered. Need to send a STEM kit to your 10th grade science class? We can do it. Need to send a custom PPE kit to each of your corporate offices around the country? No problem. We compile the kit components in our warehouse, build the kits and ship them directly to your recipients or to a centralized location of your choice. We specialize in hard to find items and can fully customize and tailor kits around your specific requirements. Let us handle your kit building and distribution needs. From STEM kits to PPE kits to swag bags, we've got you covered.